Who doesn't like food? And especially good food, even more when it's easy to make? Our website suggests you recipes to dishes that you can make with products you already have available. This way you're not required to leave your cozy home to make good food.

What it does

The website talks to the database and vice versa using Flask. The database is made in MongoDB and it's a document type of database. The client and Flask talk to each other with GET requests. The final product is an ideal world where the user entered any amount of products he'd like to and the server found a large amount of dishes that fit the criteria set by the user.

How we built it

Asaf worked on the back-end (Flask) and on the database. Rotem worked on the front-end and everything GUI and UX related. Unfortunately Noa didn't feel so good so she had to go home, but she helped us a lot morally and we couldn't have come up with this project without her.

Challenges we ran into

It was Asaf's first time working with a MongoDB database. It took a good while to set it up because it was a completely new idea to him. It was also his first time working with Flask, but luckily he already knows Python well enough. Although Rotem already knows HTML/CSS/JS he didn't code with them for a very long time and his memory was very hazey. Because Noa was sick Asaf and Rotem had to complete a hard project as a team of 2, when in reality this project fits at the very bare minimum a team of 3 people, but 4 would be recommended.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Eventhough we got set-back many times we kept going as strong as ever and never gave up. We did go through tough times but we know that we wanted the best end product we could achieve in 24 hours.

What we learned

We've learned that teamwork is number one priority, I doubt we could achieve even half of what we have achieved if we didn't communicate well. We learned how to use new technologies (MongoDB, Flask, APIs... [we experiemented])

What's next for מצרכתון Mitzrachton

We'll have to see where it takes us, Rotem seems very ecstatic to keep working on the project to reach the end goal he had imagined. But on the other hand, Asaf feels like he has already went through the things he wanted to learn during this project and that going forward won't make him any better.

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