Biology. Our passion for biology, more specifically the topic on cell division, led us to this 'Eureka' moment. We were having interesting conversations about how our initial project was almost impossible to complete and we were so close to giving up. Out of the sudden, an idea struck one of us and he went "Oh my god guys. Let's create a google extension that takes after the idea of cell division!"

What it does

It opens two tabs whenever you try to close one. The tabs will link you to a music video of an elderly guy rapping on Mitosis (Cell Division).

How we built it

Javascript. Very straightforward, but very effective in achieving our main objective.

Challenges we ran into

Not much. Teamwork. Disputes that die right after a couple of minutes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Staying together as a team.

What we learned

How to make an annoying chrome extension. Teamwork is really, really very important. Perseverance

What's next for Mitosis

More mitosis.

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