All the content was produced during the Junction 2016 Hackathon!


Arrival information on the orders is extremely crucial for both customer satisfaction and financial loss prevention related to delivery claims.

What it does

We are on a mission to build a full service for the UPM worker, which will make him confident with regards to the location, arrival status and forecast of the orders.

In a nutshell: A tracking device is integrated into delivery notes (aka plastic folder for cargo docs) and is travelling with the driver during the last leg of transportation. After shipment has arrived it can be transported back immediately by just dropping the empty plastic folder into the post box as it contains necessary delivery information to be returned back to sender.

We developed an End-user PHP web app utilizing IBM Bluemix with delivery information that is available for UPM workers and customers to view the current status and real-time location of the orders.

In a bigger shell: The service includes:

1). Tracking - device installed in the delivery notes folder During the hackathon we prototyped it with DragonBoard and cell phone to test and printed the plastic mold of the folder with 3D printer available on-site by Shaperize - we took into account the dimension of the tracker we would build in real life. We have calculated the costs on a very detailed level and made a hardware and manufacturing costs/proposal for building a tracker.

2). Tracking visualisation - web application that displays shipments in progress with information about possible delays and early arrivals. That is done by comparing actual location of the tracker with the scheduled arrival time (which is the estimate given by shipping company). We have built a prototype with the web app that is updated real time, which has: Step 1 (overview of shipments in progress - a mock up), Step 2 (delivery status of the specific shipment - aka tracker info; with travel history and current location), Step 3 (analytics dashboard displaying the information on the customer claims and their history - to see if the tracker had any impact on those or not; we built the dashboard with IBM Watson; dashboard can be used by both UPM workers and with limited view by customers).

PS. We actually made quite precise calculations and proved that our service is viable and makes real business sense.

How we built it

We configured the DragonBoard to send GPS coordinates and timestamp to IBM Bluemix and Watson Analytics. Later we used one of our Android phones to send realtime GPS coordinates with MQTT to IBM Bluemix as we walked around the facility to submit new unique data. Then the information is processed in the cloud and visualised to better represent the current situation of deliveries with our PHP website. The PHP website is hosted on IBM Bluemix as well as implementing Google Maps to represent the various deliveries and their locations.

Challenges we ran into

Configuration of the DragonBoard with Linux installed to access the GPS sensor built in. Displaying realtime location in the browser.

What we learned

Lot's of new stuff starting from DragonBoard configs and ending with specifics of logistics in the forestry domain. PHP web development and integrating MQTT message payloads to extract GPS coordinates.

What's next for MISTY

We should develop our prototype further and work on the features! And of course - production!

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