The emergence of cryptocurrency scams propagated through popular social media platforms represents a noteworthy increase in frauds that target the general public. Many of whom are likely unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies or the pervasiveness of these scams. One of the worst things that can happen to you while dealing with cryptocurrencies is discovering that you’ve fallen victim to one of these scams. Being a victim of a scam is inherently stressful, and choosing what to do next is always a challenge. Tracking your lost funds is a complicated process that, understandably, can be frustrating. This realization can ultimately lead to a pursuit of some sort of anti-money laundering investigation down the line.

What we do

MistTrack was created by SlowMist as an anti-money laundering (AML) tracking tool that focuses on combating cryptocurrency money laundering activities. Some of its core functions include wallet risk scoring, transactional analysis, fund tracing, and address monitoring. Our vision is to create a crypto tracking and compliance platform for everyone.

The MistTrack AML tracking system has amassed over 200 million addresses, containing various wallets from major trading platforms throughout the world. MistTrack provides full intelligence data assistance for AML analysis and research purposes. It has compiled thousands of addresses belonging to various entities, along with 100K addresses deemed as risky, and over 90M addresses tied to malicious activities. MistTrack delivers full intelligence data assistance for anti-money laundering analysis and has reviewed over 1000 logged address entities. Users are currently able to investigate wallets on the TRON, BSC, and Ethereum network. However, we will be adding new networks & tokens in the near future.


Early this year, MistTrack was made available to the public, as with any new service, we were destined to encounter obstacles as it's part of the processes. Only by overcoming these challenges, will we make MistTrack a better product. That is why we strongly encourage our users to report any issues and provide feedback on how we can make it better.


MistTrack was originally created as an internal application to assist our team in an investigation. However due to the increase of fraud, scams and other malicious actors in this, we were unable to assist with all the inquiries asking for help. By making it available to the public, we were able to assist victims indirectly and provide them with a fighting chance in tracking down their stolen funds. MistTrack was utilized in various minor and major investigations to aid in the recovery of stolen funds.

Going Forward

As this is a continuous process, we require community support to aid in research and the improvement of our product. In addition to improving the user experience, we will be adding new networks and tokens to MistTrack.

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