Photos may get lost, stories can be forgotten, memorials will fade with years. Today, everyone can use the Internet to create an online memorial page and share memories, photos and other media with one another. With an online memorial site, dedicated to the lives of those we love and now have lost, would help to bring families together. These memorial websites would also help our children learn about the lives of their ancestors and preserve memories of them. And so, we launched missYou,

What it does

missYou is a place where people could create a free online memorial to collect and share memories of the people they have lost.

Here's why:

You should gather friends & family after the death of a loved one to support each other and celebrate their life forever Our goal is to gather family and friends after the loss of a loved one to support each other and celebrate their life together.

How we built it

We built this platform using Auth0 with passport integration for authentication at the backend which was written in node.js. Hosting of the backend was done using Azure app service, the front end of the platform was built using Vuejs and flutterwave payment gateway for accepting donations, Vercel platform was used to host the front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During the development process, we learnt how to integrate auth0 with passport.js, host a website using Azure's app service and also integrate a payment gateway platform for accepting donations.

Challenges we ran into

Working remotely is something we had to learn and utilize during this hackathon since we as a team lived in different locations. It was also a little bit difficult to host in Azure earlier on due to some errors in configuration. But I'm glad we learned in the process

What's next for missYou

Currently, our integration of the payment gateway platform was done using the sandbox mode . So all payments on our platform can only be done using the test based ATM cards. We hope to fully migrate to the main version of flutterwave once we move to production.

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