Through our non-profit mentors we were inspired by the work that is currently being done by local non-profits. While we began to research and validate different concepts, we found that there are existing non-profits existing but the REAL problem was that they did not currently have the bandwidth to effectively broadcast and communicate the amazing work they are already doing.

What it does

Mission Possible is a site that matches small local non-profits serving the veteran population with experienced marketers including branding, web design, content marketing strategy, social media campaigns, etc. Namely, hungry marketing volunteers who are passionate about veterans in the form of college students.

How I built it

Given the time constraints of this sprint, we focused on planning, researching and wire-framing the product. Phase two will be a building out our prototype to a minimum viable product to roll out to some beta testers in our launch communities.

Challenges I ran into

In an effort to create beautiful digital wireframes, we attempted to use several technologies none of the team had experience in such as Invision, Marvel, and Mockplus, all of which were costing valuable time. Ultimately we chose to overcome that ramp up hurdle by using Wix to create digital wireframes with clickable prototyping for our core features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are so proud that we were able to take a fairly inexperienced and minimally technical team with ambitious time constraints to a great concept piece that will have high impact in our community. Our teamwork is something we are proud of. Each teammate was core in idea generation, implementation, and the many pivots we took as a team.

What I learned

We learned the product development process - it sounds straightforward but each of the team's experience was working with product further down the production line so having direct experience with the planning process to hand over to the dev team was powerful.

What's next for Mission Possible

Next up for this amazing team is to build out of minimal viable product over the next week to deploy to beta testers in the community.

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