Futuristic immersive experience with VR and IMVU to defend the planet earth from the robots attacks. The galactic robots try to invade the Liberty Spaceship to neutralize Earth missile defend system to prepare for major invitation. Call your IMVU friends for help.

What it does

VR game to kill robots Enemy. As you are the defense leader , Robots have put a price for your head of $1,000,000

How I built it

Unity, IMVU api for unity

Challenges I ran into

IMVU Login for Gear VR - Gear VR is a great immersive experience but entering username and password your head motion to select characters!!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I create an application to enter credential information on file then when the application run get those credential from the file.

What I learned

a lot in Unity and IMVU api

What's next for Mission Liberty

More solid game with multiple levels and different enemies

Attache android cardboard version - for Gear VR version please send machine id from: adb devices. Gear VR version:

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Ayman Hindam posted an update

In the current version Game Pads: Some game-pads do not trigger the characters animation.
Buttons X (2), B(1) : switch fire type Button (5), fire Axis 2: to move from and back with animation Axis 3: to move right and left

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