There are many inspirations, below are few ones.1) Amazon forest burning 2) Australia forest burning 3) world increasing pollution level

What it does:

 Mission – Go Green is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative idea which focusses on reducing carbon footprint of organization by calculating carbon footprints of an individual at project level, site level, country level, Region level and also providing calculated suggestive approach using AI/ML to reduce or offset the carbon footprints. Our Computation logic will be an open API which anyone can use to calculate carbon footprints. Point to note here is that data can be pushed in to this engine using Open Air, Project Management and Online Internal Surveys.

How I built it:

JAVA, Springs, AI/ML, Micro services, HTML5, JS, JQuery, REST web services (Open API’s), Oracle, Google Charts

Challenges I ran into:

The greatest challenge we faced is data consolidation and calculation for each and every parameter contributing to carbon footprints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We are contributing to the society as it is CSR initiative and trying to Offset/reduce carbon emission for the globe.

What I learned:

Insights on carbon footprints and its related environmental impacts and resolutions.

What's next for Mission - Go Green:

Below are the few roadmap items 1) Use of carbon footprint calculator API for all conversion purposes. 2) Integration of Open-air system 3) Use of Artificial Intelligence in extracting relevant data from Open-air and using it for logical computation of carbon footprint. Also we thrive to use AI for suggestion-based approach for offsetting carbon footprints. 4) Enhanced UI UX

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Mission Go Green - This is project is best because it is accountable, traceable and manageable at project, Site, Country and Region level. It is not subjective only but it is showing objective. It is API based so can be integrate with any other application or CSR organisation.

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