"Should I cook or order in?"

If you’re a 20- or 30-something (especially if living in NYC!), we're guessing that you'll probably Seamless or GrubHub something. A food delivery addiction or habit is quite the norm nowadays. And when ordering, we tend to think of our preferences -- price, flavor/taste, calories, macros. Most people don't usually consider the environmental impacts of what they're ordering and Mission Emission aims to solve this lack of knowledge.

What it does

Mission Emission is a Chrome extension that identifies foods and displays their CO2 (and equivalent greenhouse gases) emissions.

How we built it

Our API leverages Microsoft Azure functions and table storage. The Chrome Extension was built using JavaScript.

What's next for Mission Emission

We want to source a more robust dataset with additional metrics and food items, add support for additional websites (like MyFitnessPal), and include day-to-day tracking of carbon footprints.


Icons: Carbon Dioxide by Hamish from the Noun Project


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