Currently initial flight test engineer training uses a pen and paper as a method to train new professionals in the art of flight test. Thus, we wanted to provide an enhanced capability for teaching and light testing. Entities such as the United States Air Force Test Pilot School or aero clubs can benefit from this application suite by enhance their teaching resources. This application can also be used to further inspire future generations to pursue STEM careers by providing them with the ability to apply flight test theory in a classroom.

What it does

MCRC Suite consists of MCRC Mobile & MCRC Web. MCRC Mobile enables a smartphone to be utilized as a DAS (record accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, etc sensor data), while MCRC Web facilitates the ability for a computer, tablet, or smartphone to visualize the streamed data. If wanted to be compared to an existing full scaled mission control room, the MCRC Suite shares similarity by providing real time monitoring, a data acquisition system, live voice communication between the flight test conductor and the flight test pilot, and the ability to provide exportable data for further analysis.

How we built it

We brainstormed , compiled our constraints and requirements, which were to collect smart phone sensor data and stream the data to a ground station – in real time. Developed a phone application that would record internal sensor data and upload it to a database (Amazon DynamoDB). Then developed a web application that would pull down the data, process it, and display it to the user in real time. The EC2 Instance on the AWS Wavelength was setup to pull down the data from the database, process the data to be displayed by a webserver for the user.

Challenges we ran into

Developing in new platforms using Xcode, Swift Getting the data up to display in Realtime with only a 0.001 latency Creating a service in AWS Wavelength

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete MCRC Suite and test it in the environment it was designed for! Developing in new platforms using Xcode, Swift, and using AWS Wavelength on Verizon 5G network.

What we learned

How to develop an iOS application How to use AWS Wavelentgh Understanding networking with AWS service on a higher level

What's next for Mission Control Room Center (MCRC) Suite

We are working with Cabrillo Engineering and Design (a high school small learning community) to implement a project in their introduction to aerospace engineering class, that utilizes MCRC Suite, where students will have the opportunity to collect, analyze, and report on flight test data. Students will develop a test plan and execute it at skylark north glider flight in Tehachapi, CA. Secondly, we are also working with a contractor who provides training to professional industry member whose been in search for a compact, portable, and easy to use DAS that can stream real time data for educational purposes.

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