This project was built on top of HOK's recently open-sourced Mission Control, a tool that uses .Net and the Revit API to collect BIM data from Revit, load it into MongoDB, and then display it using a Angular.js web interface.

What it does

This project makes it easier for BIM managers to perform QC and Audits on large numbers of projects. Specifically, it identifies how many views exist in each project, and how many of those aren't assigned to a sheet. Once these are identified, users are able to press a button, and use Autodesk's Design Automation for Revit remove all of the unnecessary views without having to manually open each file.

How I built it

It is built using Angular.js , Mongo DB, Revit API, Mongoose, D3.js

Challenges We ran into

  • Data Not available for the testing. To solve this, we created a fake data generator, to populate the needed data into Mongo.

  • No one on the team was familiar with Angular.js. We learned it over the course of the weekend, and hit our heads over things such as not being able to use standard javascript commands (like Math.round()) in Angular expressions (Hooray for learning about filters!)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The first step that opens the door to a real BKM and performs actions based on classification and prediction in the BIM Models. Rasing the arrival of AI in the AEC

What I learned

How to use Design Automation for Revit how to transfer plugin in a cloud environment

What's next for Mission Control AEC

Implement tensorflow.js for accurate time series and predictions

Built With

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