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Hackathons have limited time and not everyone knows how to deploy backends.

What it does

A cloud GUI tool for generating terraform configurations to auto deploy backends for rapid prototyping for hackathons.

How I built it

Frontend Website - JavaScript / React / Grommet

Desktop App- JavaScript / React / Grommet / Electron

Backend Deployment - Terraform / Node.js / Google Cloud

Satellite Deployment Server - Node.js

How it works

Users go to the Mission Control website and design a cloud backend.

Then they export this json and save it to their desktop.

They then import this into the Launchpad desktop app, which generates the terraform configs.

They can use launchpad to trigger a command to the satellite deployment server to validate, deploy, or destroy their cloud backend.

Challenges I ran into

React / Electron don't play nice with the file system, so I had to write a node.js deployment server (satellite) to listen for and run terraform commands to deploy on behalf of launchpad.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned a lot of frontend web, and it works pretty well considering it was done in 24 hours.

What I learned

React / Frontend Web

What's next for Mission Control

Cloud auto sync to streamline the process of ordering builds from mission control to launchpad by to removing the need tomanually save/import JSON configurations.

Judging Notes

Discord username is ibnzterrell

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