Missing Persons iOS App

Using a local host and Microsoft's Face API I made an iOS app that uses a photo from your camera roll to compare to a person who is in the Missing Persons database and will notify if it is or is not a match. Since I used Microsoft's Face API the app is designed inspired by Microsoft's style.

Since I was working with Swift I had to download Microsoft's SDK from Github so I could integrate the API (originally based in Objective-C) into my project. This was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to developing more small projects using Microsoft's Cognitive Services!

*A minor change that can be made to the app is to allow you to use your phone's camera when tapping on the profile icon instead of opening your camera roll, but since I am unable to mimic using a phone's camera without my simulator crashing I kept it using the camera roll for simplicity. This could make the app more realistic as you are then able to quickly snap a photo of someone you see on the street who you think is a missing person.

Again, I highly suggest Mark Price's course on Udemy-- an excellent guide as always.

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