Missing Justice is a solidarity campaign to raise awareness about Murdered and Missing Indigenous women, girls Trans and Two-Spirit people here in Montreal. We assist the Indigenous community by supporting them with the logistics of having vigils and memorials to commemorate their loved ones. We once had a website that worked okay and when our outreach coordinator left our organization, the site was taken offline and we had no access to fix that.

Vision: A user friendly, bilingual (maybe one day an option to be in Indigenous languages) website, online pages for online memorials, a shop where we can sell hoodies to fund-raise, a place to eventually create a timeline of MMIWGT2S activism in Montreal.

Built With

  • odoo
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posted an update

August 8th: set up

Alex - Championing the Design=> Presenting the design at 10am

Mathieu & Alexandre - Championing Odoo=> https://centreforgenderadvocacy.nuagelibre.ca/ 

Mathieu & Metis - Master of hosting & domain name (rebel.com)=> Config hosting & domain name (missingjustice.ca) on rebel.com or alternative.

Hector & Alex - Documentation (Saturday)=> Compile Documentation for Dayna & Amanda

August 9th: implementation

  • Regroup @10am- Alex presents design
  • Divide the pages and start implementation
  • Devvvvvv + proposed checkins (11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm)


  • Pages: Landing Page / Home, About (incl. Community Partner), Vigil-timeline, "Archive", Get Involved &/ Contact Us, Donate, Merch
  • 2(+) Language Setup
  • missingjustice.ca domain name config & web hosting

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