You've been tasked with protecting a remote space outpost from destruction while a new colony is developed. As the sole defender, you must be prepared for a missile attack from any direction - are you up to the challenge?


You're positioned on an elevated tower above a shield protecting your developing colony. Use your gaze to direct the laser cross hairs and tap the center of the touchpad to fire. For the best experience, ensure you have full 360 degree rotation.


Each enemy missile that gets past you will weaken your shield. You can tell at a glance how your shield is fairing: green means full strength, yellow indicates a partially weakened state and red means that your shield is critically low. If a missile strikes your shield while red, you have failed and your colony is destroyed.


We initially set out to construct a complex heads up display but realized that simple intuitive cues such as a color coded shield aided in simpler play that has appealed to a broad audience.

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