We are five Estonians who came to Junction with a mission – to turn the already awesome Spotify API into something epic. Whilst a brilliant product, Spotify lacks the ability to play music videos. So thought to introduce this new skill to Spotify.

What it does

  1. You search your favourite song and select it
  2. We find and time images to match the music
  3. We mash these together into a video and hope it works

How we built it

We get your Spotify song from Spotify’s API. Then we find lyrics for it, on the internet, using a mysterious chinese API. After that we match images to the lyrics. The outcome is a funny and creative lil’ music video, which is quite different from usual music videos! The backend is built using Node.js, frontend with React.js

Challenges we ran into

  • Being Blacklisted from sites where we got some of our pictures from
  • Since an unknown Chinese API for lyrics, we had to invest quite a few hours into building cached version in case something happened to that API
  • Lars being very sick after eating the Beans

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Promoted our product very actively, even when we had simple MVPs
  • Had over 50 ideas initially that we worked our way to the current idea
  • We have positive feedback from people who have seen what we do
  • Our site looks damn hot

What we learned

  • In the future we should prototype faster, ignoring design at first
  • Sharing is caring
  • You can even utilise random Chinese APIs to build an MVP

What's next for Misshurd

  • Get it production ready
  • Get 100 users to use and share the product
  • TOP listened songs by users
  • Ability to add lyrics on your own
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