This is an art project.

Using Craigslist's Missed Connections, we have created an experience that relies on a mass public to view the information. A certain number of viewers is required to view the message—increasing the chances of the post finding their missed connection. It involves community participation and attention to reveal, creating a platform for these messages to be dispersed.

Doing this we address themes of loneliness, as well as the contradictory public and private nature of these messages.

We've built a semi-working prototype of the project. We used three.js to create the visualizations. To pull data from Craigslist, we used Beautiful Soup. We used Amtera ESA Semantic Relatedness to determine similarities of connections between different posts.

Created for Hacking Arts 2016.

Dance and Digital Media: Express or aid intangible physical environments and the imaginative. Remixing our Senses: Alter how we experience each other and the real world around us. Taking virtual storytelling to the next level: Use techniques and technology to make storytelling more immersive and interactive. Storytelling includes, but is not limited to, film, audio, and video games. Play, perform, participate: Access and interact with artistic productions and technological objects through play, performance, and participation.

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