*Being surrounded by people who are overly confident with the wrong information. Rather than just calling them uneducated, we decided to inform them so we can all progress.

What it does

*Provides random facts and a button to let user decide if the fact is true or false *When true or false button is pressed, user is redirected to page with real fact and linked source

How we built it

*Figma *Photoshop

Challenges we ran into

*Time *Lack of web-dev experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Very impressive UI *Perfect color scheme

What we learned

*Figma is a great resource for UI/UX *Our friend is really good with Photoshop *Color palletes make all the difference in presentation

What's next for Miss Information

*Actual functioning website that does what the demo does *Editing done with Figma

Built With

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