What It Is

Ever wonder how to get your 6-10 year olds to finish his or her homework on time and learn time management, instead of wasting time on watching Youtube or playing games? Meet Miss Arcade, your child’s best friend that will teach him/her about time management and motivates him/her to do tasks. Miss Arcade is an Alexa skill that targets children in elementary school (ages 6 - 10) with the goal of educating them on how to manage their time. Both parents and their children interact with the skill. Kids can learn:

  • Time management
  • Budgeting and earning "money"
  • Persistence and its rewards

How It Works

Our skill is based on an engaging task system that rewards good habits and promotes self-discipline. At the start of a day, parents are able to set a number of tasks for their children, and specify how many “stars” they will receive on completion. Stars can be redeemed for prizes (like candy or TV time), which the parent also specifies with the Miss Arcade skill. When the child is done, they can report to their parent and the adult can mark the task as completed. Both child and parent can ask Alexa what the current star count is and what tasks there are left. This way, rewards can be redeemed throughout the day. By using this skill, children are able to learn more about time management and the rewards of completing work in a timely manner. Additionally, children will have to learn to budget their stars in order to save up for more desirable prizes.

Why It's Different

Unlike other Alexa skills or mobile apps, Miss Arcade is made specifically for kids and provides the type of fun experience that will help kids continue to engage with Alexa and establish strong foundations for time-management skills and money management.

How We Built This

We used the Interaction builder to define our utterances and intents Using Lamda’s inline code editor, we coded our functions, and tested them in the simulator To access our Firebase database, we had to upload our files through Amazon S3 since we were using node modules


  • Add prizes (movies, video game time, etc.) to Miss Arcade (parents) and describe how many stars it will take to redeem. Ex. Alexa, ask Miss Arcade to add reward.
  • Add tasks (homework, housework) to Miss Arcade (parents) and describe what the task is and how many stars the child will earn after completing it. Ex. Alexa, ask Miss Arcade to add task.
  • List tasks and rewards in Miss Arcade (child) and choose one task to work on. Ex. Alexa, ask Miss Arcade to list tasks. Alexa, ask Miss Arcade to list prizes.
  • The child completes the task and get stars for rewards. Ex. Alexa, tell Miss Arcade that homework is now finished.
  • The child can redeem prizes with his or her stars. Ex. Alexa, tell Miss Arcade to redeem prize. The parents will give the reward to the child.

Other Features

  • Check how many stars the child has. Ex. Alexa, ask Miss Arcade how many stars I have.
  • Give up task in the task list. Ex. Alexa, tell Miss Arcade to cancel homework.
  • Remove prize in the task list. Ex. Alexa, tell Miss Arcade to remove prize.
  • Check what the child has finished in the last 24 hours. Ex. Alexa, ask Miss Arcade what have I done today.
  • Uncomplete any task (parents) in case the child lied. Ex. Alexa, ask Miss Arcade to mark homework uncomplete.

What's Next

  • Set time for each task and give bonus stars if finished in time.
  • Streaks for finishing multiple tasks in a row or meet a certain expectation.
  • Weekly progress on the child’s progress.
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