MISP project ( is already a mature project used in cyber security to share information regarding threats.

What it does

One particular case to adapt MISP is for the use case of sharing medical information Correlation functionality, auto syncronisation of events and other features offered by MISP could be very useful in a situation like nowadays COVID 19.

A medical data model (MISP medical-objects) to be implemented in MISP is the scope of this project

How I built it

Adapted existent MISP features

Challenges I ran into

No data model defined. A lot of uses cases should help to build specific MISP-medical-objects, based on attributes defined by medical entitites

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Offer an idea which could Facilitate an easy medical data collection, correlation and sharing process Offer input for a data analysis process Save time for doctors and other peoples involved in medical process

What I learned

There is a lot to gain from cross domain knowledge sharing.

What's next for MISP4HEALTH

Adoption by MISP project of the new data model/object created Integrate with other automatic data processes engiens and sensors

Built With

  • misp
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