I have been working on many BI dashboard software which mostly created an interactive dashboard. So, I wondering whether Python can create an interactive dashboard or not. After searching for library, I came up with Dash using Plotly to develop the dashboard 😤.

What it does

There are 2 pages.

  • First page indicated the most word which can filter the dataset, top n word and number of gram
  • Second page indicated the most negative and postive word by filter and piechart show percentage of negative and positive in each dataset.

How we built it

Developed on Google colab using Dash and Plotly to visualize and NLTK to working on NLP tasks.

Challenges we ran into

  • Limitation of Kernel in colab
  • Limitation on specific knowledge such as NLP
  • Limitation on knowleage on visualize some graph such as Word Network (I want to create it badly. I have to do more research in this)
  • Some graph take much time to regenarate
  • Time zone limitation (My time zone are more faster. so last 10 hr of competition is Monday already 😭😭)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • developed a small dashboard application
  • worked with NLP
  • learning many new things such as new library, some NLP technique

What's next for Misinformation Sentimental Analysis

  • reduce time when regenerate graph (preprocessing more)
  • showing the connection of word
  • developed another tap to compare the graph of 2 selected dataset side by side.
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