To get around the inconveniences of creating and remembering shopping lists.We always forget to put things on a list, so we wanted to make an app that keeps track of what we need for us.

What it does

Intakes barcodes and stores their corresponding product name, cost, and quantity for future purchasing. Allows payments directly through the app for convenience for both the customer and the retailer. .

How we built it

Built entirely in Android Studio implementing the zbar barcode reader, and the Paypal SDK..

Challenges we ran into

Not knowing anything on how to implement the Paypal SDK, it was hours of trial and error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a fully functional user client. Managing to implement Paypal at all.

What we learned

Many things about Android Studio, and general Android user experience. Learned to implement external librarys, such as Paypal.

What's next for MiShopr

Creating a server-side client managed by the retailer, allowing them to store their entire inventory, costs, and quantity of items. We need to be able to tap into the currently existing order online functionality a retailer already implements to streamline the purchasing experience.

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