Launched as a startup, dating app Tinder has grown to become a multi-billion dollar company. Yet as their user base continues to expand exponentially, lack of security remains an issue. Misfire delivers where Tinder fails, exploiting major flaws in the app: snoop-able conversations, static image content, and, overall lack of encryption.

And perhaps this is not the only category under which Tinder fails.

Born as an way for men and women to connect on an equal playing field, any causal Google search for "Tinder Troll," immediately bears results that document the exploits of men as they prank women on the popular matchmaking app. Interestingly enough, there are extremely few instances of men themselves being pranked over the network. Until now.

How It Works

In an attempt to give women a reprieve, we decided to give the men of Tinder what they want most... themselves.

When two men match with our female Misfire account, the Misfire bot redirects all of the messages it receives from each man to the other--thus engaging the two unwitting men in conversation. The men who take interest in their partner usually discover the deception. The men whose aim is focused elsewhere tend to misfire.

The ensuing hilarity is recorded on our website (currently down) for the rest of the internet to enjoy.

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Updated March 26, 2015

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