Mischievous Max - Lost in Space

Mischievous Max is an exploration into designing for voice with the added dimension of screen, to see if we can create a fun, educational experience that challenges the preconceived notion of learning experience should feel like for kids.

The skill helps 5-8 year olds take the first step to learn coding by following Max, a foolhardy space adventurer, who has become lost in space. Players solve problems based on simple coding logic to help Max in his quest to get back earth.

The problems have been created using STEM learning methodology to appropriately teach children the building blocks of problem solving. The short story that lasts around 10 > 15 minutes has clear goals and a strong narrator to bring the missions to life.

The aim is to get Max home, but we guide each child through learning new skills that will serve them for future development in their learning journey.

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