The Inspiration behind "Mischef" is the fact that many hidden thing are not said behind great organisation and this things are of great interest for the grow of these organisation, people are more comforable saying things when it cannot be traced back to them, creating Mischef is a way of solving such problem for organisations with large and small staff strength

How it works

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Send an email/Document
  3. Fill the form
  4. User get email without knowing who sent it
  5. clicks the link sent via mail
  6. On recieve fill in the code sent via mail
  7. Click receive 8 Receive your file
  8. Fill deletes from server ## Challenges I ran into Making the logic behind security a priority and Smtp server problem via my host which is has been partially solved. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  9. The creative use of the SendAnywhere Api and i would love to see it used in every field some day. i love the idea. ## What I learned Psychology of the human mind ## What's next for Mischef Making it globally used
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