Sometimes, when using a tv computer or a raspberry pi, you need to type stuff and move the mouse, but you don't have a keyboard, and buying one would be expensive. So, this project allows you to use your laptop as a keyboard and mouse.

What it does

It sends input from your laptop to another computer over the LAN.

How I built it

It uses a UDP broadcast to discover other devices and TCP to send the keyboard/mouse data over. We made an early demo in Python, and the completed project in Java with JavaFX.

Challenges I ran into

Converting between Python and Java's character codes was a pain. None of the python libraries for mouse/keyboard input accepted character codes, so we had to convert them manually. Ultimately, however, we ended up using Java.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was Shaurya and Tony's first time using socket programming. We were amazed by how powerful this can be. For all of us, this was our first time controlling the keyboard and mouse with a computer program. The implications are scary.

What I learned

Socket programming, controlling the keyboard/mouse with Python/Java

What's next for MirrorKey

Deployment! We're really excited to use this for our raspberry pis

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