Mirror, Mirror is a technological take on the household mirror. It's main goal is to provide relevant information and data at the user's discretion only. It features:

  • Webcam
  • Leap Motion Gestures
  • Facial Recognition
  • Event Support
  • Purdue Bus Support
  • Text to Speech Incorporation
  • Constant Weather and News Updates

With these features, it allows the user or any developer to use this product as a framework. You can incorporate this into common households or even businesses.

The main inspiration came from the fact that contextual information can be overloading. From Google Now to Siri, relevant information loses it's value when it is constantly being displayed at almost all moments. Mirror, Mirror aspires to change that. The simplicity of Mirror, Mirror allows for direct control over information that you want to see.

As a whole, Mirror, Mirror aims to change the convention of how information is displayed. Instead of information made for the general public, we aimed at making a product that will display only what YOU want.

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