The idea for was born after the Hack The North Opening Ceremonies. Vinod Khosla said that artificial intelligence will be an even bigger revolution than mobile. But many visionaries like Elon Musk have expressed warnings over how Artificial Intelligence can become a threat. We feel that the best way is to get the most eyes on this technology before it gets out of hand. So we decided to combine Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to build

What it does takes in data from a multitude of sources like Yelp, XE, and Twitter and learns more about the user. The user can talk, and interact with better than any technology before it. Since it's a mirror the user can see his or her reflection along with information overlaid on top of it to create a pseudo-a/r feel to it.

How I built it

It was made from combining a smartphone and tablet into a one-way mirror. And APIs to make it easier for consumers to access company data in a more intuitive feel (such as a conversation).

Challenges I ran into

The main one was not having a mirror so we had to build our own using reflective materials.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud because this is our first hardware hack and we were both learning a lot as this hackathon went on.

What I learned

I gained a better understanding of one-way mirrors and natural language processing.

What's next for

The next step is to improve the conversational flow, and the user experience of

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