Mirro is a cool, delightful product, and we decided to bring extra-delight by adding a chatbot which answers with customized messages

What it does

The Mirrocorn interacts with the user and can offer useful information about leave days, colleagus on leave, colleagues birthdays. It also integrates with Google chat and send you useful messages wen actions happens in Mirro.

How we built it

We started by making intents for LUIS. In the meantime, we created the methods for calling the Mirro API and exploring the Google Chat API. We also used our math skills to create the Pinata game.

Challenges we ran into

By far the most challenging situation was to implement the Mirro API. It is an API that we used for the first time in ways we never thought of. Also, sending messages to the Google Chat was a challenge because we found out that BotMan (the library we used for making the integration) doesn't support the newest Google Chat API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud because we managed to finish the main parts of this challenging project. We integrated the Google Chat API (it was the first time we used it). We made the chat bubble pop on the staging environment of Mirro. We finished the LUIS implementation and it works awesome. Oh, yea, we also have a mad design!

What we learned

We sure learned A LOT about Mirro and about what's coming to Mirro in the near future. We learned about how to integrate at least 3 APIs and make them work smoothly together in a small chat bubble.

What's next for Mirrocornu'

More intents to be added. / Adminimiz3 Type "play" to display the pinata game\

You can test it by asking: is alin on leave today ? how many vacation days do i have ? what is kudos ? i want recognition ? when is ioana's birthday ?

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