Life is easier with friends. We want Mirro to be BFFs with every work related app out there!

What it does

It connects Mirro with different platforms. Slack and Workplace so far!

It makes it easier to add Time Off or Work Away requests from Slack channel. It pushes kudos from Mirro to Workplace (with clickbait!)

How we built it

We used a serverless architecture consisting of Lambda Functions, queues and cloud events in order to create a couple connectors between Mirro and other systems (Slack, Facebook Workplace).

We used AWS as a cloud provider to host our php powered AWS Lambdas.

Challenges we ran into

  • we never did serverless before
  • complex cloud environment connecting multiple services
  • bad lighting in the office :(

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • we built two fully functional connectors for Mirro

What we learned

  • how to use the mirro api
  • how to build a serverless application (the hard way)

What's next for Mirro Connectors

More connections, of course!

  • Other chat tools (Google Chat, Skype)
  • Issue and Project Tracking Software (Jira, Redmine)
  • Work anniversary post on Workplace (WIP) -- Any suggestions are welcomed!

Wanna try it?

Add kudos for your colleagues in Mirro and check Workplace group

On slack you have to write to a channel with Mirro App installed, respecting the format:

"!wfh 2019-11-04"

"!wfh 2019-11-06 2019-11-08"

"!co 2019-11-28 2019-12-02 I lost my home keys"

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