Welcome to the World of Miracle! It is an IoT (Internet of Things), made using Raspberry Pi 3B+, Amazon Echo, and a smart outlet. They are all interlinked using the smart outlet and API’s are used as well which is identified specifically as follows.

What it does

It uses the Google Maps API and accesses the Google Cloud Platform to get the real traveling time between the origin and the destination depending on the traffic flow and traffic signals as well. It displays a random quote with the author’s name underneath from time to time on the display. The New York Times Newspaper API is used to get the latest news updates to be displayed on the screen. It also displays real-time and a calendar with the upcoming events and holidays in the United States. It shows the weather forecast for that day, which we managed to create by using the WeatherBit API. Another cool function is that it can access “Find My iPhone” using the iCloud and Google Map API. The Alexa Echo helps with the voice control over this and can give a ring to the missed iPhone to locate it. Adding Alexa Echo makes the whole system more fun to interact. The Scrobbling API is used to make Alexa find the right songs that are asked for and plays it for the user. It also displays and says the details of the song and plays the exact collection or the artist that the user asks for. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ is used to store and run the program which makes this whole system more efficient and reliable.

How we built it

This was made on the thought of people who are busier in their lives and need an IoT to make things easier and rely on it since this system is interconnected. And, that summarizes Miracle!

Challenges we ran into

We would like to add more features but time was not support us a lot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked together and we spent time together, also, we learned so many new things from technology

What we learned

We learned to work with APIs and Javascript

What's next for Miracle

We will add more features and develop it in a higher level

Built With

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