It only takes 90 seconds for a recruiter to decide whether or not they will hire someone. Despite being the most popular interview question of all time, "Tell me about yourself" is considered one of the most difficult questions to answer. We wanted to help students and professionals work on presenting their best front forward.

What it does

MIRЯOR is an interview tool that employs intelligent algorithms to give job seekers meaningful feedback on how they can perfect their elevator pitch and common interview questions.

How we built it

We used Node.js as a server-side application to access Google APIs. We then applied the Google Natural Language API and Cloud Speech-to-Text to gain insight into emotions and tones expressed through a candidate's voice.

Challenges we ran into

  • Interacting with the Google Natural Language API, Cloud Speech-to-Text
  • Learning how to use Node.js & JavaScript with little prior knowledge
  • Interfacing between the front-end & the back-end
  • Incorporating and parsing video & sound files from a microphone and webcam

What's next for MIRЯOR

  • Implementing additional APIs to further increase accuracy of feedback
  • Adding a database to keep track of users and demographics to improve interview tips
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