Microsoft 365 has many great services. As a user you often find yourself lost with all the activities you have in different places. Microsoft List, Planner tasks, Todo, Email you need to follow up on, document you work on or files shared with you and your meetings. On top of that you also have customer and sales activities you need to stay on top of. In short you have a lot of information and tasks in many different places. I, as I believe many other, always wanted to have a personal assistant. Why should the CEO have a PA and I should not? increasing my, and my groups productivity is a gain for all in the organization.

This inspired us to make a Personal Assistant for all employee's using Microsoft 365. Now that we all are in Teams this is where we want the PA to be. But I want an intelligent PA and I still want to be able to communicate with my PA. For that reason we want to create a Personal assistant app with a bot. Teams is therefore an obvious choice.

What it does


Enhance individual and team productivity with MIPA. Imagine, being able to access all your tasks, working items and notes in one place.

  • Bringing you one step closer to a centralized information management experience with a connectivity between Microsoft Teams and Planner, To-Do, your calendar, notes and your links,
  • being well prepared for your meetings by knowing the company and the people you are planning to meet; understand their market and the individuals you will be meeting.
  • having an easy way to find the last document you worked on. Or document shared with you.
  • being able to type @mipa and create a Planner Task for a Chat.
  • See tasks you are late with. Or a priority matrix of your tasks.
  • As a project manager you will be able to see tasks on selected people and group across selected plans
  • How about giving the PA an overview of the managers tasks?

Instead of constantly switching contexts to keep up with what you must do next, you’ll have it all visualize in one place. MIPA will help you getting an overview of what's on your program. – TODAY - THIS WEEK - NEXT WEEK. MIPA gives you an easy way to search for information on LinkedIn or the net, gathering materials that are essential for your meeting. Find that document you worked on last week and now must find. Get rid of the yellow sticky notes on your desk and have them visualized in MIPA. Finally, how about being able to create a Planner task from a Teams chat.

MIPA, your own personal assistant is just one click away. It has never been easier to manage tasks, prepare for your next meeting or find the document you need. All this, you get directly in Microsoft Teams at the tip of your hand.

If you are using iGlobe CRM Office 365 you will even get more from your Personal Assistant. MIPA will help you keep track on your meeting report and opportunities. You will never forget to follow up on your meetings or miss an important sales opportunity.

Challenges I ran into

Making the responses and the communication to and from the bot. It was a challenge making it user-friendly and easy to update and flexible for future needs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of the UI and design. We had a team of users testing for us and the result was amazing. All responded by giving top rating to the design. We are also very proud of having so many integration point. Outlook, Planner, SharePoint, Teams, iGlobe CRM, Office2SharePoint, web, LinkedIn etc. We believe we have an app that can be extended with even with more integration point and we look forward to incorporating AI into our Personal Assistance.

We are very proud of having achieved the Microsoft 365 App Certification for MIPA for Teams. We are proud to be on that very exclusive list.

What's next for MIPA - My Intelligent Personal Assistant in Microsoft Team

We will be adding more integration point to MIPA making our personal assistance smarter and better. we look forward to integrating to Microsoft Business Central. Imagine a sales person asking MIPA. "Hi MIPA, please give me information about Contoso" MIPA will now give a list of meeting reports and sales opportunities from iGlobe CRM (as we do now) but also get data from Business Central about the sales we had for Contoso. Point is we give all the he need when he need it.

Using Microsoft AI to help prepare for a meeting even better than we do today. Help you solve your tasks etc.

The main goal is to make a better and more clever personal assistance.

Take a live demo.

You can try MIPA your-self. We prepared a demo M365 tenant where you can see and test MIPA.

Sign in to with Mipa@365

Go to Teams and you will See MIPA in the navigation side bar.

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