An old Basic software I wrote long time ago for the Zx Spectrum. ;-)

What it does

This skill can calculate someone's biorhythm for a day of choice based on a given birthdate. For each cycle (physical, emotional and intellectual) it gives a percentage that varies from 100% (very good) to -100% (very bad). In addition to the spoken response, it gives a visual representation of the curves on display enabled Alexa devices. Thanks to persistent attributes, the skill can remember user's birthdate so he doesn't have to state it everytime.

How I built it

I've built the skill interaction model using the Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console. The endpoint is based on a node.js Lambda function using ASK 2.0. Persistence is achieved through a DynamoDB table. The biorhythm graph is drawn in real time using PHP's GD graphics library.

Challenges I ran into

My first choice was to draw the curves graph with APL entirely. The original idea was to overlay three pre-drawn sine curves shifted opportunely to represent the three values. The result of this approach happened to be too clumsy, so I fall back to a real time generated graph using PHP (which I know much better).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This skill has been produced in three (full) days only.

What I learned

Alexa Presentation Language.

What's next for Mio Bioritmo

Enable support to memorize multiple birthdates for every member of the family, so that everyone can ask for his/her biorhythm simply stating his/her name. Or, even better, by voice fingerprint.

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