2020 was a year where the grow of Microsoft teams was exponencial. Derived from this; we, as a technology company and Microsoft´s partner, started to search ways of developing an App that Will help to give value to the meetings that take place in this platform, that´s why we started to develop an App that Will integrate 100% with Microsoft Teams, we decided to develop “Minutas Teams” because its a way to help a lot of companies with the new scheme of remote work

What it does

Minutas Teams App, helps the companies making their employees meetings to be more effective registering the objectives, agenda, assistants, agreements, notes and pending stuff of the meeting, also it assigns the tasks of the assistants or employees from the companies, in those tasks it is captured the description of the task, the person who makes it, and priority and status of the delivering date, it also mantains the possibility of sending the task to Microsoft´s Planner to give it a more adequate tracking. This meetings (minutas), are going to be saved in the historic record for them to be consulted at the moment that its needed through a search option, another functionality is that when the meeting is over, it can be sent an email to all the assistants in a PDF format, also another more useful functionality is that you can consult at any time the progress of the assigned tasks of the employees

How we built it

The team in charge of developing the Minutas Temas App, counts of 3 experimented developers that have taken part in a large amount of proyects. The technology that we are using for developing the proyect is the next: Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Code, C#, SQL Azure, Azure Appservices, .Net core, React, Azure Active Directory, TypeScript

Challenges we ran into

Our first challenge we had to pass was that we had never developed an App for Microsoft Teams, so we had to investigate through the Microsoft´s Portals, the best practices to develop Apps for Microsoft Teams, the second challenge was the time, because we had to have Minutas Teams App ready in just 3 months. To have beat those two challenges was a way to overcome ourselves, and was truly comforting for the Developers team and the company

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The more important achievements during this adventure, was to have learned the technology and finished Minutas Teams App in a record time, because it was our first development for Microsoft Teams, another achievement was also that we presented the functionality to our actual Office 365 clients, they liked a lot the functionality, in addition to make better the impact of their meetings, before going up at the Marketplace of Microsoft Teams, 9 or our clients bought Minutas Teams App and they have it functioning in their Microsoft Teams local

What we learned

We learned that working in a team can achieve big things, the technical team learned a more fast way to develop an App for Microsoft Teams, the functional team agreed on the principal functionality of the app, we were thinking what kind of App could help the companies in their online or presential meetings, that its experienced would always be inside Microsoft Teams, especially that during this pandemic times, Microsoft Teams grew exponentially around the world

What's next for Minutes Teams

We are working on a new functionality for Minutas Teams to be more versatile; at the moment of creating a new meeting (Minuta), the objective, agenda and assistants of the meeting must be captured, after this, from the App Minutas, we generate the meeting by connecting directly with Outlook, it sends an Email to all the assistants with the link that let them enter to Microsoft Teams, the link to the meeting (Minuta), where at giving it a click, you can visualize the objectives and the agenda

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