Cardiac arrest, as well as other medical emergencies, is extremely prevalent in America, and most of these emergencies unfortunately are not taken care of in time. Our team set out to create a faster, more efficient way to deliver patient care to those in need.

Our project is called Minutemen, inspired by the militia in the Revolutionary War. We found this name to be satisfactory for our app because, like a militia, ordinary people have the power to save others’ lives quickly.

We are entering in the Beginner category. We believe that this is the first step of our journeys as hackers and programmers.

What it does

Our app is intuitive and easy to use. The main screen has two options: A bright red button calling for help and a smaller button underneath where you can register as a CPR Trained individual. If someone need help, they just push the big red button and their location will be sent out to CPR trained professionals nearby. The one who is closest will make their way towards them. Once someone who is providing assistance has registered, their name will be added to a growing database of qualified CPR professionals. If someone in the vicinity needs help, they will be notified on which they can either accept or decline. If they have accepted, they will get directions from Google Maps to the person in need.

How we built it

We used Android Studio as our IDE, which uses Java as the main programming language and XML for designing layouts. We also used a Firebase API to create the database and called Google Maps from inside our application, although our application itself does not contain an embedded map.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered numerous problems with the Google Maps and Firebase APIs, along with some syntax errors and other compile-based issues. However, through much perseverance and learning new things, we were able to overcome these problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, including teenagers. By providing instantaneous responses to CPR certified people, we are giving patients the care they need.

What we learned

We have definitely learned plenty about Java, XML, and Android development, but more importantly, we learned teamwork and how to collaborate with others as a team. Each person worked on different roles and we collaborated and edited each other’s roles. This kind of teamwork will get one far in the workplace and the real world.

What's next for Minutemen

Minutemen currently has quite a few features planned for it. For example, we would like to improve the security and efficiency of our app and the database backing it. In addition, we would also like to create more options for routing, such as bike routes, and more options for signing up, including other medical specializations other than CPR.

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