Research has shown that people with disabilities are 5 times more prone to struggle with mental health issues or mental distress. Mental health issues have become a growing problem in the past decade, as they impede on day-to-day life and is currently the 2nd leading cause of death amongst the youth and young adults of Canada. After noticing that disabilities and mental health disorders have such a strong correlation, we wanted to create an application that would not only help people with disabilities who struggle with mental health disorders, but anyone in society who has, or is currently struggling with it.

What it does

Our application Minute Mood is a 5 minute journaling tool that provides users with a secure, non-judgmental environment, while embracing mindfulness and self reflection. Users can answer questions related to their feelings and how their day has been going so far. They are also able to track their progress across multiple days and months to monitor progress and edit previous records.

How we built it

We used Figma to brainstorm, design, and prototype the project before diving into any of the code. Then, using React as the frontend framework, we utilized Bootstrap and Auth0 for styling and authentication respectively. For the backend, we used express.js and ran an EC2 server and MySQL RDS on AWS to host our custom RESTful API and database.

Challenges we ran into

Setup and configuration of environments proved to be more time consuming than initially expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of producing a working project that contains most of our desired features with room to improve! As first time hackers, managing time was something we are proud of as we followed our schedule fairly fell.

What we learned

Our biggest takeaway from this project is that not all projects have to contain every gizmo ad gadget to be effective. While we had grand aspirations for our project initially, after careful thought, we picked the core features and functionality that we would be able to complete in the short timeframe.

What's next for Minute Mood

Improving accessibility for screen readers and providing larger text for those visually impaired, as well as color customizations for those with color blindness are some of the next steps we are planning to pursue.

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