To explain medical jargons and to help with patient education.


  1. Medical terms, either when searched online or handed out by the doctors as formal documents, contain a lot of jargons that are unfamiliar to the majority of people.
  2. People in third-world countries, where medical information is inaccessible, frequently do not know about a particular disease until it becomes an outbreak in the region, making them unprepared with preventative measures for the outbreak.

What it does?

A platform for people to explain medical concepts to others by sharing a 1-minute animation/infographic illustration style video that is entertaining and concise. These videos must be peer-reviewed by doctors.

Leverage existing hospital platforms that connect the doctors with patients to push these videos via Doctors to their patients, thereby streamlining the process of informing the patients of what they need to know about the disease.

Help the doctors reduce the time spent on explaining medical jargon to patients. Help people recognize what is the rumors in healthcare.

Structure of the Video

  1. A quick definition of the disease
  2. How/What causes the disease
  3. Prevention to take care of the disease

About Business

Value propositions

-Simplify medical jargon and help medical education

Key partners

-Health Insurance companies

Key Activities

-Generating succinct informative videos

Key Resources

-Doctors and the Designers
-Open sources database verification
-Brilliant Engineers

Customer Segment

-People who want to get understandable medical knowledge
-Doctors and nurses who need to explain the medical terms in an easier way
-Insurance companies who want to let their customers have more knowledge about healthcare


-Web and application development
-Web and application maintenance
-Customer relationship management
-Marketing cost


-Eventually, have non-medical advertisements on our platform
-Get donation from users
-Get hospitals and insurance companies’ support

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