Minute Master

Minute Master is the newest workout game dedicated to getting active and challenging your friends to see who is the best Minute Master.


  • iOS 8
  • Device With Motion Tracking Capacity (M7 Chip)


  • Press Start
  • Be As Active As You Can For A Minute
  • Just Moving Your Arms Is Cheating
  • Share Your Result With Your Friends
  • Or Enemies
  • Or Rivals
  • Or Whoever
  • Check Your Scores On Game Center And See How You Rank Against All Minute Masters
  • Earn Challenging Achievements

About This App

This app is for everyone who wants to make exercise fun and competitive. Everyone knows that having a challenge when you work out makes you likely to work harder, so we decided to make a game utilizing iOS 8's newest features in order to make exercise something to get excited about. We are proud we have created a useful and fun game that is simple and easy to use at the same time.

Built With

  • avfoundation.framework
  • coremotion.framework
  • gamekit.framework
  • ios
  • iphone-with-m7
  • social.framework
  • swift
  • xcode
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