Have you ever worked in a group project with your close friends? You may find yourself straying off topic to a less professional conversation

Have you ever wondered what your personal contribution to the meeting was?

Did you ever need to revisit meeting notes, but couldn't because they were not recorded well?

MinuteIt is the app for you!

What it does

MinuteIt records any meeting, for any number of participants. Real time graphs are generated, based on the contribution of each participant, as well as how "on topic" the meeting is. At the end, the meeting minutes are stored and can be accessed through the "History" Tab, as well as all the generated graphs for that meeting.

How we built it

We used node.js as the backend to directly communicate with Microsoft Azure, to obtain JSON data. The front end of the website was built using react, javascript, html and scss. Express.js was used to connect the front end and backend of the application. We also implemented the XE currency API, to display real time conversions between currency.

Challenges we ran into

There were problems with passing information from font end to back end, which prohibited Microsoft Azure from giving coherent data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Building a complete full stack application from scratch. • Implementing an application that would have real world uses • Improving our knowledge of React, to create a polished UI • Using Microsoft Azure to analyse .wav files and retrieve data.

What we learned

• We furthered our knowledge of React • We got experience with Microsoft Azure • We learned how to implement the XE API.

What's next for Minute It

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