During the pandemic, we have been through hundreds of Google Meets for classes. Not only has this put extra pressure on the students, but teachers have also needed to adapt to the different environment. We decided to make this automatic transcriber/summarizer to help teachers summarize their lessons and to help students attain a better overview of the material, in an easy and accessible fashion!

What it does

This project consists of a web application and an extension for Google Meets. With the extension, users can transcribe their meetings. When finished, they can visit the website to view the generated transcript and keywords/phrases tied to their account.

The Build

The three main components in this project are the extension, web-app, and backend.


The extension uses captions generated throughout a Google Meet and stores them in an array of caption data. Authorization through a Google account is needed to tie a transcription with a specific account. When the meeting ends, it passes the data over to the backend for processing. The extension was written with TypeScript, JavaScript, and React/TSX.


The web-app allows the user to login and view their transcriptions, as well as associated keywords generated. When a user is authorized, the backend server is called to retrieve all transcripts associated with the current user. The web-app was written with JavaScript, React/TSX, and is hosted on Firebase.


The backend interacts with Firebase and Firestore collections to manage users and associated transcriptions. When a new transcription is sent, a call is made to Azure Text-Analytics to identify keyphrases/words. The server is hosted on Heroku and was written with JavaScript, Node.js and Express.js.

Challenges we Faced

We had a lot of schoolwork going into this event, so we ended up starting at a later time as we had to finish up our summatives and had less time to actually finish this project. The planning and design, especially around the extension and its permissions, also took us some time, as we wanted a good-ish design that we could come up with in our limited timespan. Finally, the constant horrors of outdated or confusing documentations also kept up on our toes the entire night.

What we Learned

We learned a lot of cloud services and apis, including Firebase, Heroku, Azure Text-Analytics, and Google Extension API. We also got to practice our knowledge of libraries and frameworks, like React.

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