Inspired by the thousands of dollars spent on trading cards when I was a kid, I created an app where users can create mint their own digital trading cards. Other apps built on blockchain don't have the customizable 3D card which is my favorite aspect of this app. Anyone can easily mint their own cards without a barrier for entry (learning 3d modeling, texturing, etc).

What it does

Minty is built on Android with Java. The Smart Contract is written with Solidity. The card preview and card texture is stored off chain onto IPFS.

I created a Postgresql DB to keep track of all the TNT721 Tokens owned by an address. The holographic texture (the glossy background of the card) is a feature, you can also use it without it, but for the demo I kept only that version because I thought it would look cooler.

MintyNFT smart contract:

Challenges we ran into

The faucet needs to be fixed for the Testnet! I had no other issues than that. The docs were extremely straight forward to use and nothing was outdated. It was a breeze to deploy the smart contract and interacting with it via the ThetaJS SDK, even easier using the ThetaWallet. I do look forward to there being one for Android in the future.

What's next for Minty

I might consider creating a few more canvas sizes for the 3d model so people can easily add artwork onto them, but for now I plan on keeping the app to simply creating only digital trading cards. I really like the idea over a boring 2D image that you can't interact with. Taking it into production.

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