What it does

Minty is built on Android with Java. The Smart Contract is written with Solidity. The card preview and card texture is stored off chain onto IPFS.

I created a Postgresql DB to keep track of all the TNT721 Tokens owned by an address. The holographic texture (the glossy background of the card) is a feature, you can also use it without it, but for the demo I kept only that version because I thought it would look cooler.

MintyNFT smart contract:


Challenges we ran into

The faucet needs to be fixed for the Testnet! I had no other issues than that. The docs were extremely straight forward to use and nothing was outdated. It was a breeze to deploy the smart contract and interacting with it via the ThetaJS SDK, even easier using the ThetaWallet. I do look forward to there being one for Android in the future.

What's next for Minty

I might consider creating a few more canvas sizes for the 3d model so people can easily add artwork onto them, but for now I plan on keeping the app to simply creating only digital trading cards. I really like the idea over a boring 2D image that you can't interact with. Taking it into production.

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