MintX is a desktop application that would run on your PC and will help you send to and receive money from other MintChip users. It is a convenient way to send money with out having to reach for your credit card. But importantly, it is an awesome way to receive money - all you do is agree to grab it :-) As a bonus, you can add your thoughts to the exchange.

MintX works by using an email address you provide and MintChip.

With MintX, you can

  • Watch yourself rake it all in.
  • Beg some one to send you some coloured paper or may be command them, it is up to you.
  • Thank them for their kindness.
  • Gift some one some joy, or curse them while they bleed you.

And you do it all with out any one except you and your friend/foe getting their grubby hands on the money.

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