About Minto

Minto is a project that makes BTC mining more convenient, transparent, and even profitable by eliminating entry barriers and reducing costs! Minto helps to tokenize mining power and to distribute mining rewards among all the project participants. After getting the token that corresponds to mining power, holders may easily stake it on the Minto DeFI platform and claim their mining reward at any time. Minto is powered by a certified green energy hydroelectric plant. The project launched in 2021 and operates out of a state-of-the-art data center in Karelia.

Mining power

The total mining capacity allocated by Minto, for now, is 50 000 TH, while the total token supply is 5 000 000 BTCMT. Mining rewards are distributed among all the stakers every day. The lower share of total token supply is staked on the platform, the greater reward is distributed between all stakers. For instance, after the presale, you have 20 000 BTCMT and the total number of staked tokens is 1 000 000. Thus, you will get mining rewards of 1 000 TH per day, which is $202,9 (calculated on 19.07.2021). This reward is 5 times higher than the staker can get with the same hashing power following the classic approach of having his hardware in the facility. Last but not the least, Minto tokens are much more liquid than the hardware. Users always have a chance to buy or sell tokens on the regular exchange just in a click.

Current stage

We have built HECO contracts and deployed them. We have passed the security audit. We also have developed our DeFI platform. Right now we are building our community, join Minto squad!

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