We all know that a teacher's mission goes beyond teaching. Guiding and motivating their students is part of their mission. However, they can no longer do so under the given circumstances. Because education is not taking place in classrooms where teachers and pupils are all together, there is no guide who can undertake that mission. Considering that efficient learning cannot happen without a guide and motivation, students currently struggle with studying. Looking at the feedback from numerous students and teachers, especially during the COVID-19 time, we realized the following: There was no compact pedagogic platform where the students can study by themselves but with the guidance of a system, at the time they choose, unterrupted by external factors such as technical issues of their teachers. Yet, currently, students can only study partly, when they are being assisted by a teacher.

Do we have a solution? Yes we do! A Self-Study system designed by professional tutors and pedagogists especially for children and teenagers, in order to support and guide them, offering them flexible study-plans. Even though this system is able to fit any compact platform, for the beginning, it will be integrated into an existing modular teaching platform - which is called MintiCity - where students do not need any extra support to learn, since it provides all the required materials. The integration of a pedagogic Self-study system will transform MintiCity into a world where students do not need any extra help to learn. The system guides the students and provides any necessary input, customising the process while constantly changing and shaping itself according to the learning needs of the user.

According to many studies, internally differentiated learning has a motivating and lasting effect, and a user-centred Self-Study program does exactly that. A motivated and lasting learning can also support the EU vision for "lifelong learning."

What it does

The Self-Study system automatically assists pupils during their learning, while sending them everything they need to facilitate an efficient learning experience. The system is also customized for every single student, which means it is constantly changing and shaping itself according to the learning needs of the user.

Social Impact

With the Self-study system which is specialized for children and teenagers, every child in the whole world, who is ready to learn can continue getting the education they need to achieve in a remote education system COVID-19 has caused. Speaking for Minticity, previously the system could only be used, when the student is being assisted from a teacher. Now, My Minti automatically provides students all necessary materials, and My Minti can add this life-saving solution to any other platform. Therefore, all students from all over the world can continue learn without being interrupted from technical issues their teachers have. Since those technical issues are taking down the students motivation to learn and it is extremely hard to concentrate on learning when you are in a social isolation, millions, even billions of students can continue being motivated without being interrupted from external factors. Another impact is that the education can be fully customized, while the system analyses the needs of the students and send them exercises and weekly programs in order to make up their deficiencies and make the learning highly effective. The best part MyMinti is, that it can be fitted in any other compact education platform, so it can make all those platforms used by everyone who needs them.

Key Features

During the hackathon we focused on the following features of MyMinti

Sophisticated Placement Test- The questions of the placement test are choosed from the extensive pool of the Minticity database, which includes specially designed questions to determinate students current level. The contents of the database are constantly maintained and improved by our teaching staff and pedagogues, according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Different Question Types- Different question types (e.g. Drag & Drop, Multiple Choice, Text Filling, Listening etc.) that measure the student's level of knowledge in the best way they can.

Automatic Control and Determination of the Level- Every exercise students do are automatically checked and controlled by the system so the student can see the correction of his/her answers.

Automatic Weekly Programme Submission- After the student has completed the placement test, the strengths and weaknesses of the student are determined at their own level. After the needs analysis, the student gets his first weekly schedule.

A few standart features of Minticity


MintiCity immerses its users into a virtual world. All senses are activated and engaged through pictures, photos, videos, music and audios for lasting results. Minticity


MintiCity motivates young learners through play. Pupils act independently, master challenges and reach milestones – 3 success factors for the motivation.


Teachers can create/assign personalised modules and excercises to German learners. The pupils perform tasks at their own speed and in line with their own learning needs.

How we built it

• We used PHP as our backend with an awesome Laravel Framework which maintained on github as an open-source project,

• We picked MySQL and PostgreSQL for storing our data,

• We used a NodeJS server with SocketIO for realtime communication with clients for notifications and invitations,

• For the Frontend, we used HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript with all its features,

• We can count VueJS, Jquery and many plugins with among the features

• We added lots of games made by Phaser.js Framework, also an open-source project on github.

What we have done during the weekend

During this Hackathon, we have discussed the improvements, innovations, and infrastructure work that must be done in order to make the teacher oriented Minticity can also serve as a Self-Study platform. At the end of the Hackathon, we finished creating the prototype of "MyMinti" and integrated it into the Minticity platform, in order to make sure that it can be used by children as soon as possible. MyMinti can also easily fit any other compact platform, because of its flexible and convertible system.In addition, using the database available on Minticity, students' progress was monitored and weekly program recommendations were discussed accordingly.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

MintiCity is a product of over 13 years of work, it has been evaluated and it has proven itself in practice. In those 13 years, more than 200.000 pupils have learned German online with it. Nearly 55.000 users have registered for the 2019/2020 school term alone. Today, with the onset and effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, a total of 93,444 users have been reached with the new students included in the system.

Our main purpose in doing this is to improve Minticity in a way that not only pupils whose schools use minticity - with the guidance of teachers -, but also everyone who needs education can profit from MintiCity’s compact, digitalized and gamification based learning world. Especially during the COVID-19 outbreak and remote education process, the Self-Study feature has become a duty to make sure that every pupil in the world can continue learning efficiently. With this solution we can prevent any disruption in education and help pupils walk their own individual learning paths without the help of the parents or even the teachers.

What we learned

With the special Self-study system for children and teenagers, not only pupils whose schools are using minticity, but also every child can continue learning despite the disruption COVID-19 has caused. Previously the system could only be used with the assistance of a teacher. Now, the system automatically provides students with all the necessary learning materials. Therefore, every pupil in the world can continue learning unaffected by the technical issues their teachers have. Needless to mention perhaps, these technical issues are diminishing the motivation to learn and it is extremely hard to focus on learning when in a social isolation. Thanks to an efficient Self-study system, billions of pupils can keep learning with motivation and without being interrupted by external factors. Moreover, education can be fully customized by the system as it analyses needs and sends tailored and highly effective exercises. The best part of the Self-Study system is that it can be fitted into any other compact education platform, making all e-learning platforms smarter.

After The Crisis

There is worldwide no digital self-learning system specially for children and teenagers to support their education. So Myminti will still be an amazing support for every student, what will help them to practice what they have learned at school.

What's next for MyMinti

Integration of Parents into the System: Home tutoring received online must be followed and evaluated by parents. Many relevant features of Minticity, such as parent interface and reports, will increase in number.

Adapting to All Languages and Different Disciplines: We will use Minticity's advanced infrastructure to support all languages and disciplines

Try it out Information

The "Try it out" link is directed to the prototype page created on the Minticity platform for Heckathon. Only the "register / register as a student" buttons are active and other elements of the system are inactive.

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