Practice your Interview Skills in Virtual Reality

Pubic speaking is the top fear in the world. Alternatively sometimes our confidence might not lead to the best results since our delivery wasn’t the most polished approach that one can take. We created In(VR)terviews™ to allow people to practice their interviewing skills in Virtual Reality.

User first uploads their resume to the app, which then parses it to grab essential info about the user, e.g. name, place of work, school, technical skills. The AI backend formulates questions and contextualizes it to each individual user. The audio of the interview interaction is recorded and analyzed. This lets the user know if they were nervous through stuttering and other forms of voice analysis. Moreover, eye tracking feature was also integrated to act as another form of human behaviour anaysis.

One greatest integrating IBM bluemix to Unity. Also, writing this in a concurrency log free manner. Lastly, performance on the phone needed to be optimized.

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