What is Minter?

Minter is a token factory for TNT20 tokens. This application will create and show tokens minted from others using this applications.

for some context Smart contracts where created in remix editor so it doesn't have whole project there. If yo want, you can put both the smart contracts in remix compile it and deploy it using Theta Wallet. If you want to deploy these smart contract follow this doc created by awesome people at Theta Network.

How it works?

After loging in the application using your metamask wallet, you can try create your own TNT20 token.

Click on the Create Token button. Then it will take you to other page where you will see a form for creating token.

For creating a token, you need 3 things:

  • Name of the Token
  • Symbol of the Token
  • Total Supply of Token

After that you can click on Create Token button which is under the form.

It will take a few seconds to create token then you can go to homepage by clicking on the name of the application which is on the top left hand corner.

If your token is on homepage click on it. This will take you to page where you can see more options for interacting with token like minting token, adding allowance, etc.

what is next for minter?

I want to create something similar to ManiFold Studio.

Why I want to create something like manifold?

Manifold allows users to own their smart contracts and have total control over it. After hackathon, I want to add the ERC721 smart contract support and verification for smart contract.

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