After Terra Collapse we at MintDAO decided to ensure providing solutions that will make NFTs beyond such situations in a future. Our aim become to build the first and most important omnichain NFT Launchpad platform with support of Axelar GMP technology.

What it does

Our solution enables NFTs to live omnichain, which means users can transfer their tokens across all Axelar supported networks free of charge (you need to cover tx gas fees) within minutes thanks to Axelar GMP solution. We also maintain the ability to enable more supported chains for previously deployed NFT collections.

How we built it

We have used Axelar GMP to send cross-chain messages and properly manage NFT tokens creation and burning on every chain involved. The bridging works as a burn NFT on source chain and mint NFT on destination chain. Thanks to great user interface of Axelarscan users can see their bridging execution progress.

Challenges we ran into

While building such complex solution we encountered a lot of different challenges from fronted integration with multiple chains at the same time to upgradable smart contract deployments on different chains with CREATE2 opcode (persistent NFT collection contract address between all supported chains).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud we have managed to develop omnichain NFTs and go live on mainnet. At the time of writing we are the biggest project currently operating on Axelar mainnet with 93% of GMP transaction executed with our smart contracts in September and over 76% in all Axelar Mainnet GMP history! We also believe we have accomplished creating a very friendly user interface for bridging their NFTs across different blockchains including Moonbeam.

What we learned

We have learned a lot both from multichain frontend integrations and Smart Contract development. We had to overcome a lot of challenges on our path and a lot more will come!

What's next for MintDAO

We are preparing to supporting Cosmos and Polkadot chains. We aim to widen opportunities for NFT collections of destination chains and making NFTs interoperable brings ton of additional utilites and opens NFT projects for much bigger audience. We are working hard to provide the best solutions on the market and we do it with a great passion!

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