MintChipper is a multi-purpose iPhone Application designed to do everything and anything the Mintchip technology is capable of.

Our application enables anyone to instantly become a vendor. Whether you’re a mobile food cart or a small business operating out of a store, it is a simple and easy to use point of sale system.

MintChipper allows you to broadcast your location easily, letting other users know that you support the Mintchip. The Augmented Reality view uses the iPhone camera, and includes a heads up display (HUD) which will show your chosen name and distance to the user in an elegant and easy to use manner.

Transferring and requesting money is as simple as choosing who to connect to (via bluetooth) and either shaking the phone or selecting send.

Lastly, MintChipper displays your transaction history and all other pertinent data related to your hosted Mintchip so that you can keep an eye on your account. You can of course secure all this with a password to keep out intruders.

Keep an eye out for us in the AppStore!

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