While MintChip aims to reproduce the properties of physical cash (minus the germs), the MintChip Wallet aims to reproduce the properties a physical wallet. There is no requirement to exchange hard to remember MintChip IDs, no fumbling of USB keys, no files to manage. There is no difference between using a hosted MintChip or a physical MintChip, the wallet works seamlessly with both types. Money can be sent and received between two wallets if they are in physical proximity just as easily as if you were exchanging physical notes. No need for exact change! In each transaction, there is an active party and a passive one. Since it would be very rude and un-Canadian to reach for money in someone else’s wallet, the active party is the person sending the money. The passive party will receive money simply by showing a QRCode or by bumping the phones with the active party. The current demo application demonstrates two transport methods, one using the Bump® technology and the second one using QRSockets. The Bump® technology allows two phones to be paired by physically bumping them together. QRSockets allows two devices to be paired by sharing a QRCodes. The MintChip Wallet can be reloaded from the internet and also used for online purchases.

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